Supply and Demand Industry of Survival Kits In USA : Endgame Survival Gear


Panic caused due to the high rise in natural disasters, wildfires, deaths caused by pandemics, and manmade disasters, results in the inclination towards survival kits. People are feeling paranoid right now, and want something on hand if the food supply gets interrupted so they feel they have some control over the situation.

Commonly a survival kit contains items like medical supplies, tools, cookware, water, extra food, radios, and blankets. It also contains duplicates keys to your house and vehicle, cash bills, coins for calling pay phones, and a copy of your emergency exit.


A reserved survival kit for your basic emergency time contains extra supplies like extra clothing, footwear, a warm blanket, a whistle to call attention in case you are lost in an unknown location, sleeping bag, toiletries for personal hygiene, gloves, garbage bags, handy tools, screwdrivers, Swiss knife, hammer, portable cookstove, extra gallons of water, solar-powered lanterns, personal hygiene products, family and individual photo, important documents, like birth certificate, passport, and identity proof.

Future of Survival Kit Industry

Presently, 3.7 million Americans categorize themselves as survivalists or preppers. But the fact is that the general population isn’t the only ones who are aware of the need for survival kits during emergencies, also big organizations have started investing in this industry, and preparing for disasters. Therefore, Survival Gear Kits have now become a multimillion-dollar industry. Big brands like Certified Safety Manufacturing, Johnson & Johnson, Honeywell Safety, and Acme United – the worldwide survival kit market are forecasted to surmount with an annual growth rate of 3.9% by the year 2023.

Endgame Survival Gear: A Survival Gear Store With a Purpose

Endgame Survival Gear store run by 2 family team of ordinary people who are very concerned about our collective future in the western world. Survival depends on having the right gear, and obtaining it before it becomes so high-demand that you are forced to compete with the masses for it. Of course, having the skills, a plan, and the knowledge to use your survival gear is essential, but there are already many great resources out there to help you with that.

The items at our store are well researched and experimented with in different conditions, we are well aware of selling product catalog. Our prepper supplies and bushcraft gear offered at this store are items that we ourselves use. Many of the photos and videos have shown were taken by us. We also have a Youtube channel where you can see “How to use the survival products?”.

We carefully curate our survival & bushcraft gear, picking only the most practical, durable, and affordable survival-themed items. Our policy is to never stock cheap gimmicks because your survival is most important, which we cannot compromise. We want our like-minded folks in the USA and Canada to be free, independent, and thriving!

Endgame Survival Gear has different survival kits under various categories:

  • Disaster Preparedness Kit
  • Wilderness Survival Kit Gear
  • Emergency Ultralight Cookware
  • Military Survival Kit Portable Solar Panel Kits

You can see our entire survival kit collection here. We have chosen the best quality collection of survival kits on the basis of their

  • Effectiveness
  • Affordability
  • Durability