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What is a Mosquito Net Hat?

A Mosquito Net Hat is essential survival gear in the summer months. Being caught in the wrong place without proper insect protection is enough to make you go literally insane. Even 10 minutes spent in those conditions will make you wish you bought one! They are an important addition to your hiking and camping gear.

By Using It You Can:

Protect Yourself From Insects
If no insect repellents are used, loose, fully covered clothing can usually provide an excellent barrier against mosquitoes and ticks. But your face and neck are still not covered, and it is an attractive target for them. The mesh hood allows you to keep your face, head, and neck safe without interfering with your breathing and vision.

Protects Yourself From the Sun
As you know, the sun's ultraviolet rays can damage and age the skin. The edge of the mosquito net cap prevents sunlight from hitting your face. Plus, because it uses a protective fabric to block UV rays, as well as prevent insect bites, you can enjoy activities in the sun without damaging your facial skin.


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