About Us

We are a 2 family team of ordinary people who are very concerned about our collective future in the western world. As we see it, survival depends on having the right gear, and obtaining it before it becomes so high-demand that you are forced to compete with the masses for it. Of course, having the skills, a plan and the knowledge to use your survival gear is essential, but there are already many great resources out there to help you with that. 

Our mission in opening a survival gear store is to help our like minded people get through the coming days by providing any kind of low cost-high value, game changing prepper gear that we know will come in handy. We want to give you an advantage. We love finding these little treasures that give us a new capability. 

We are avid outdoors men & women. Experienced in hunting and fishing, with a passion for off grid living and self sustainability. We cherish our freedom and liberty and will fight to preserve it for all. The ability to live off the land is something we hold dear to our hearts. 

Our prepper supplies and bushcraft gear offered at this store are items that we ourselves use. Many of the photos and videos shown were taken by us. We also have a Youtube channel where we demonstrate the effectiveness of our products.

Please reach out to us with any questions at all by emailing us at info@endgamesurvival.com. We are at your service! We aim to respond to your email within 24 hours.