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Tactical Gloves - Protective Hard Knuckle Shooting Gloves

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These tactical gloves are the gold standard of hand protection, featuring hard knuckles, abrasion resistance, palm shock absorption and touch screen capability. These shooting gloves offer a great sense of touch without giving up durability and strength. 

Made from breathable microfiber cotton with hard rubber over the knuckles for the 101 different ways you can scrape your knuckles while doing repairs, bushcraft, or changing a tire. Having hard knuckle gloves can also come in handy in a defensive situation. 

Tactical gloves should be considered essential survival gear. Your hands are your best asset. And without access to modern sanitation, even a simple sliver can become infected and ultimately make the difference between life and death. If you are splitting wood, bushcrafting etc, the potential for slivers and cuts are constant. 

Free moving fingers and sensitive touch will allow you to perform any task protected, including using your touch screen phone. This is also what makes them great shooting gloves. 

Sleek and stylish protection for every day use in any situation. The tactical military style has a dangerous and edgy look.

MaterialMicrofiber Cotton, Synthetic Leather, Nylon
GenderUnisex (sizing in men's)
SizesS, M, L, XL
UsesBushcraft, Repairs, Shooting, ATV, Hiking, Camping, Survival, Defense ...
ColorBlack, Green, Brown
Season: All Season
Features: Cut & abrasion resistant, shock absorbing, touch screen capable, hard knuckle gloves

These tactical gloves ship from the USA via USPS within 4 days of receiving your order. A tracking link will be automatically sent to you via email as soon as it ships. 

*Sorry, this product does not ship to Canada at the moment*